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Wednesday, June 08, 2005



I LOVE this article.
I am an Australian escort,working in the nyc area, and am STRUCK by the hypocritical screwed up nature, of the wealthy men here in regards to sex. Women too, obviously.
I hate the liberal lefty rebelling against puratinism...equals the same thing mentality here.
Have a wife, but you have the best sex with the OTHERS. When its BAD, and delicious. Get OVER it. It's just SEX. Why do they have to make it so destructive to up the temptation...get a LIFE.
We have a legal business in australia...I LOVE this city, and I love this country...but I hate the lefty pedophile, Howard Stern thing.
Give me islam, give me harems...
I think America is great, balanced with the OLD world...the ancient keep it grounded. Without that...this country is just as extreme and destructive in its liberalism of women, as extremist muslims.
Everyday, in America, women are objectified...the pressure to look good is phenomonal...too much liberalism is chauvanism....
In THIS country....HAPPILY conservative. EEK

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